BrightSign, LLC® has detailed its collaboration with Socialure, a Las Vegas-based creative agency specialising in digital content to create unforgettable brand experiences. Cromwell Casino recently engaged Socialure to develop and deploy digital assets to elevate the patron experience throughout both its casino and nightclub.

 “The Cromwell team appreciated our vision of streamlining their digital assets to create greater impact in the nightclub and other key points inside the casino,” said Emile Van De Coevering, Socialure’s creative director. “So we removed the aging PC infrastructure and replaced it with a network for BrightSign’s players, creating a much more stable and agile platform to serve up whatever digital content we send its way.”

The centrepiece of the project is an impressive array of screens at Drai’s Club, one of Las Vegas’ go to destinations for late night and after hours entertainment. More than 20 massive displays loom over the club, with content orchestrated perfectly with lighting, music and fog emitters. BrightSign’s LS and XD media players distribute content feeds, alternating between animations synchronised to the lighting displays and advertisements that promote club sponsors, featured liquor brands and other promotions. Drai’s Club also intersperses feeds from Facebook and Instagram, displaying real-time social posts from club patrons and outsiders posting with designated social tags. The entire network is managed using BrightSign Network, with BrightAuthor playing a key role in content creation and scheduling. This enables the club to schedule content weeks in advance, with flawless playback and zero downtime.

Van De Coevering continued, “BrightSign made my life a lot easier. Now I can schedule content as far in advance as I want to, and I don’t need to worry about network downtime – no crashes, no errors.”

Beyond the club itself, additional screens are distributed throughout the Cromwell Casino, narrowcasting content such as recaps of events from Drai’s Club, promotional content for upcoming events and special messages about what’s happening at the nightclub.

Socialure’s work with Cromwell Casino is an ongoing endeavour. Next up will be the addition of BrightSign’s XT players to add Live TV to the signage. This future implementation will also include AVNU’s All-In-One HD Interactive Touch Display with BrightSign’s Built-In Digital Signage Module (BrightSign DSM). The combination of BrightSign’s XT players and AVNU’s touch displays paired with BrightSign DSM will make it possible for DJs to execute full club takeovers, using all the displays to simultaneously change the entire look of the club.